Résumé of Alan Yates


Name Daniel Alan Yates
Date Of Birth 1977-07-06
Citizenship Australian (with current passport)
Email Address alany(at)ay(dot)com(dot)au
Business Name AY Communications
BRN T4970132
ABN 45 926 856 481
Home Number +61 2 9905 2883
Mobile Number +61 419 424 165
Postal Address PO Box 103
Harbord NSW 2096
Residential Address Unit 6, 22 Queenscliff Road
Queenscliff NSW 2096

Professional Experience

Richardson & Wrench Mosman
2003 (contract)
Requirements gathering, design and implementation of a web based application intended to replace all their business functionality software requirements (including Word for correspondence), integrating all business knowledge into a cohesive, easily searched, whole. Development was in PHP, MySQL, XHTML, Java, XSL, PostScript, JavaScript and CSS.

Fuji Xerox Australia
2001 and 2002 (contract)
Development of three mission critical, client facing sites; Xerox Supplies, Channel Partners and Fuji Xerox Corporate. Integration with their legacy ERP solution GEAC/JBA System21. Consulting on possible solutions for the redevelopment of their wireless engineer productivity application, FIRES. Technical leadership and education of FXA internal staff taking them from a limited, Oracle forms only, team to one capable of high quality web technology development. Primary technologies used were Java, Oracle, PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Rare Medium Asia Pacific
1999 to 2001 (1999 contract, 2000 on full-time)
Requirements gathering, design and implementation leadership of many applications. Used a multitude of different technologies and skills, including Java, C, CFML, PHP, Oracle, IBM Websphere, HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Platforms were typically Solaris, Linux, NT4, or W2K. Clients included US based soundbreak.com, Mallesons Stephen Jaques, Sydney Festival, Fuji Xerox Australia, and Westfield.

Australian Colour Enterprises
1999 (contract)
Decommissioning the client's failed ISP venture. Reverse engineering of system design which had become unavailable. Separation of ACE network from the subsidiary ISPs network, reconfiguring of NT network PDCs, print servers, and workstations. Other activities covered under a NDA.

Seminary of the Good Shepherd
1997 to 2002 (several contracts)
Network design and implementation for the school's computers. Hardware consulting and integration to the client's specifications. Much physical cabling design, implemented by a subcontractor.

AY Communications
1996 to present
Design, implementation, administration and business management of a dialup Internet Service Provider in the Sydney region. I undertook the full financial planning, marketing, technical design and implementation of the system, which was built from scratch with no external consulting. The technologies and skills utilised cover all regions of telecommunications, Unix administration, software engineering, and business management.


Programming Languages

Language Since Experience
Java 1995 Multiple enterprise developments
C 1990 Embedded/Realtime and Unix developments
asm 1988 Many CPUs: x86, 68k, Z80, 6502, 8051, PIC
awk 1990 Many large projects, uncountable quick scripts
PHP 1999 Heavy development experience (since 3.x)
CFML (Cold Fusion) 2000 Sizable CMS/informational site development
ECMAScript/JavaScript/JScript 1995 Good variety of cross-browser DOM work
Python 2000 Many quick scripting jobs
tcl/tk 2000 GUI scripting
ASP/VBScript 2000 One large project

Database Management Systems

Database Version Installation Administration Schema Development Application Development
General SQL ANSI N/A N/A Yes Yes
Oracle up to 8i NT4, Linux and Solaris Limited, on Unix Only Yes Yes
MySQL up to 4.0 and MAX Linux and Solaris Expert Yes Yes
SQL Server 7 and 2K NT4 Server Remote and Local Yes Yes
Access/JET up to 2K N/A N/A Yes Yes
PostgreSQL 7.x No No No Yes

Markup and Layout Languages

Authored since HTML 2.0 was a draft.
I can write compliant pages from scratch using only a text editor.
Heavy cut-up and copy writing experience.
I've followed its development since it was a W3C recommendation.
Serious project experience since 1999.
Use of DOM and SAX APIs in Java, C and PHP.
Interpretation and authoring of DTDs
Experience in many standard applications like XHTML, XSLT and WSDL.
Good experience with XSLT, little with FO.
Used since IE 3.0 was released.
Practical experience in cross-browser compatibility and work arounds.
Layout PCBs and faceplates for laser printing
Variable data printing with PS/EPS for invoicing system.
Via authoring tools, like Amaya, and by hand.

Tools and Miscellaneous Skills

IP network design, implementation and administration since 1996.
Physical layers: Ethernet, ISDN, Serial, FDDI.
Hardware: Ascend/Lucent, Ericsson/ACC, CISCO.
Protocols: Berkeley sockets programming in C for UDP, TCP, ICMP and raw IP.
Heavy RIP, RADIUS and DNS experience.
Over seven years of mission critical Linux system administration.
Eight years of Solaris experience.
Experience with many other unices.
Shell scripting: ksh, bash, zsh, ash, csh
All common tools: vi, ssh, grep, sed, awk, perl, tr, cut, join, sort, uniq.
Linux device driver development.
X11 Windowing System: limited GTK and wish (tk/tcl) programming.
Installation and configuration of all Win32 versions.
Windows networking, share and domain level.
Technical support of networking software, including DUN, IE, Outlook and Outlook Express.
Web & Application Servers
Apache httpd: installation, administration and development.
Apache JServ and Tomcat: installation, administration and development.
Microsoft IIS: installation and development experience. Used with flat HTML, ASP, CFML, and PHP.
IBM Websphere: installation and development.
Java J2EE Technologies
Heavy JSP, JDBC, JNDI, JMAPI/JavaMail, JAXP, JINI, and Servlet experience.
Some Swing, JFC and EJB experience.
Build Automation
Deep experience and understanding of make, both Berkeley and GNU variants.
Exposure to Ant.
Version Control Systems
Heavy administration and user experience of CVS.
A few projects using RCS before CVS.
I've used the StarTeam product.
Modeling and CASE
I've written complex particle system simulations.
I've used the UML specification for design and documentation.
Cryptography and Security
PKI and Symmetric cipher systems.
Security audits, vulnerability control, compromise postmortem.
PC x86 hardware experience.
Amateur radio license VK2ZAY.
Experience with microcontrollers, DSP, and single board computers.
Undergraduate electrical engineering training.

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